Summary list of VET E-standards

Category Purpose
Accessibility Identifies accessibility requirements that must be met to ensure that  people with a disability have equal access to web content. The requirements promote accessible web design, and apply to any website or other web resource in Australia or on an Australian server.
Content formats
Agreed file formats to enable maximum use of digital content across a wide range of environments.
Content packaging Enables the packaging of digital content to enhance its portability and discoverability. Content packaging is particularly relevant for creating learning objects.
Intellectual property Recommendations for describing intellectual property and attribution requirements.
Metadata and vocabularies Describes digital resources (particularly learning resources) to enable content to be better managed and easier to locate, use, re-use and report – particularly when published online or through a Learning Management System.
Desktop Platform

Mobile Platform
Minimum hardware and software platforms that VET e-learning content and systems should work with.
Repositories Standards relating to the implementation and use of repositories
Web services Technologies for the exchange of data over the web.