Desktop Platforms

Desktop platforms are hardware, software and operating systems required by end users on desktop computers to utilise VET e-learning content and systems. This section provides recommendations for the minimum set of browser plug-ins and the minimum software and hardware platform that VET practitioners should have access to, and that developers should use to test their e-learning content with.

The Desktop Platforms specifications are based on statistical data and information provided by the VET sector through the E‑-standards Expert Group, and represent a baseline minimum of what is most commonly in use in the sector. The Recommended Applications (see list below) system requirements as defined by their various publishers have been cross-referenced with the Recommended Test Platforms (see table below).

You may wish to use the Software Analyser Tool to check your current computer setup and plug-ins.

Recommended applications and browser plugins

Usage note: As a minimum the following applications should be available in the test environment.

Recommended test platforms for e-learning content

Usage notes: Content creators need to check that what they are developing is tested and operates properly in the following desktop environments because they represent a baseline minimum of environments being used in the VET sector.


Component Windows 7 32bit (64bit) Macintosh
CPU (processor) 1 GHz+ x86
(1GHz+ x64)
Intel Core Duo 2.0GHz
RAM (memory) 1GB (2GB) 2GB
Operating system Windows 7 MAC OSX v10.9
Web browser
  • Internet Explorer: current version and current - 1
  • Mozilla Firefox: current version and current - 2
  • Chrome: current version and current - 2
  • Safari 7
  • Mozilla Firefox: current version and current - 2
  • Chrome: current version and current -2
Video monitor (resolution) 1024x768
Network connection