Mobile Technology

Mobile learning (m-learning) can be defined as learning that is facilitated and enhanced by the use of digital mobile devices that can be carried and used anywhere and anytime, such as mobile phones and tablet devices.

Most general principles and recommendations for e-learning content development found on the E-standards website are applicable to m-learning content also. However, m-learning has some unique challenges, with devices containing reduced screen sizes, lacking in standard input devices (such as a mouse and keyboard) and reduced computing power, although the latter is becoming less of a distinction.

E-standards research

Ongoing changes and the degree of interest in mobile learning prompted the E-standards Expert Group (EEG) to undertake a major review of the use of mobile learning in the vocational education and training (VET) sector in 2010, then again in 2012. To ensure that the formats, specifications and equipment identified continue to reflect the needs of VET e-learning practitioners, the review assesses and updates the existing standards and addresses necessary changes in methodology to cater for the explosion in new types of mobile devices.

The following report contains background information for the recommended VET e-standards on mobile platforms:

2012 M-learning standards review and update report (MS Word 752KB)

If you would like older/superseded versions of the research, please contact us.

External M-learning resources

For more detailed information see W3C Mobile Web Best Practice Guidelines 1.0 – recommended best practice for the mobile web from the World Wide Web Consortium (the VET recommendations conform to these guidelines).

Other useful m-learning guides and case studies