Content Packaging and Content Sharing

E-learning content often needs to be moved from one location to another, either within organisations or beyond. This process can be difficult and time consuming and has led to the development of a number of packaging specifications to address portability of e-learning content.

This report reviews current content packaging and portability practices in the Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector as identified in the results of the environmental scan undertaken early in 2013, while also exploring the potential applications of a number of technical standards for content packaging, content sharing and user experience tracking:

  • IMS Common Cartridge (IMS CC)
  • Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM 2004)
  • Experience/Tin Can API (Tin Can)
  • IMS Content Packaging (IMS CP)
  • IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (IMS LTI)

2013 VET E-learning Packaging Report V1.0 (MS Word 862k)