VET Teacher E-learning Toolkit

The VET Teacher E-learning Toolkit (Toolkit) specifies the minimum web and desktop-based functionality requirements needed to support e-learning in vocational education and training (VET) organisations. The purpose of the Toolkit is to inform the development of VET standard operating environments (SOE) that can support these requirements.

The Toolkit has a companion document titled “Commonly used E-Learning Applications and Tools in VET” that lists applications that VET e-learning practitioners find useful.

In 2015 a range of e-learning practitioners from all Australian jurisdictions has again been consulted, resulting in updated versions of the two documents (accessible below) and for the first time we have included mobile apps. The Toolkit is also available in HTML via the navigation area on the left of this page. We are very grateful to those who gave their time to respond to the survey.

Please note that inclusion in the list of Commonly Used Applications in no way implies support or recommendation by E-standards for Training for fitness for use.

2015 VET Teacher E-learning Toolkit (Word 663kB)

2015 Commonly used E-Learning Applications and Tools in VET (MS Word 702kB)

Older versions

If you require access to older versions (2010 or 2012) of the two documents, please contact us.