Mobile Technology

M-learning Teacher and Trainer Guide

The M-learning Teacher and Trainer guide illustrates the way mobile learning standards can be used in teaching and learning in the vocational education and training (VET) system.

2012 M-learning teacher and trainer guide (MS Word 934KB)

Android and iOS App Development Explained

This document was developed to help demystify app development on the two most widely spread mobile operating systems (currently) in Australia for teachers and trainers. It includes:

  • definitions of each of the types of app
  • websites where the technically minded can undertake self-training
  • process descriptions defining how apps can be distributed to both platforms
  • an exploration of the reasoning behind creating a native app versus a hybrid versus a web app.

2013 Android and iOS App Development Explained: A Guide for Teachers and Trainers (MS Word 667KB)

App Decision Tool

The interactive App Decision Tool was developed to help practitioners decide how to go about sourcing an App to meet a mobile learning goal. You'll be stepped through the questions you need to ask, and offered recommendations and resolutions for the various issues you may need to address.

Enter the App Decision Tool.