Q&A for Developers

In 2014, the doctype and semantic elements of HTML5 were recommended in the E-standards for Training, with the proviso that fall-backs to XHTML are put in place for browsers defined in the test platforms that do not support HTML5-specific elements.

To help developers comply with the E-standards recommendations, we have created the E-standards for Training HTML5 review: Q & A for Developers (MS Word 847 kB).

Demos and Examples

Description URL
E-standards for training “widgets”, including the E-standards Accessible HTML5 Video Player
Google Chrome Experiments
Showcase of sites using HTML5 markup
Accessible Audio Player, by Terrill Thompson
“The Evolution of the Web”, by Hyperakt, Vizzuality, Google Chrome
HTML5 Demos and Examples, by Remy Sharp
Browser engine HTML5 support comparison
CSS3 Animation demos

Standards Documentation

Description URL
Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) HTML5 Working Draft
W3C HTML5 Editor’s Draft
Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) home page
WHATWG HTML5 specification for web developers
WHATWG list of HTML5 elements

Tutorials and Developer Guides

Description URL
HTML5 documentation, published on Mozilla Developer Network
HTML articles, published on Dev.Opera
Internet Explorer HTML5 guide for developers, published by Microsoft
“Embed videos in your web pages using HTML5”, published on webmonkey
Dive Into HTML5, by Mark Pilgrim. (articles and developer guide.)
Accessible Audio Player, by Terrill Thompson
HTML5 Tag Reference published on w3schools
Coding A HTML 5 Layout From Scratch, by Enrique Ramirez, published on Smashing Magazine
Collection of HTML5 Resources to move you forward, published on choose daily


Description URL
Canvas, accessibility and SVG, by Bruce Lawson
Thinking About HTML 5 canvas Accessibility, by Steve Faulkner, published on The Paciello Group Blog
Accessible Audio Player, by Terrill Thompson
Keyboard access for HTML5 video, by Rob Winters
HTML5 Accessibility Chops, published on The Paciello Group Blog
HTML5 accessibility: Windows Browser Summary, published by The Paciello Group
HTML5 accessibility support by browser and workarounds, published by The Paciello Group
Accessibility & Native Drag and Drop, by Remy Sharp
WAI-ARIA finally added to HTML5, by Josue O Connor, published on NCBI Centre for Inclusive Technology

Articles and Blogs

Description URL
Dive Into HTML5, by Mark Pilgrim. (Articles and developer guide.)
Will the Next Web Platform Please Hold Still?, by Scott M. Fulton, published on Software Quality Connection
11 hard truths about HTML5, by Peter Wayner, published on InfoWorld
HTML5 Doctor
Top 5 Security Threats in HTML5, by Aaron Weiss, published on eSecurity Planet
HTML5 Security in a Nutshell, by Chris Eng