Accessibility Guide for Teachers

The Scope of this Guide

Accessible E-Learning: A Guide For Teachers (MS Word 613KB)

This guide has been designed to provide an introduction to web accessibility requirements for VET teachers and trainers wanting to improve the accessibility of e-learning content and systems.

It does not provide a definitive list of Australian Government accessibility requirements; for a comprehensive guide to the Australian Government Accessibility requirements please refer to:

Getting Started

The guide will introduce the POUR (Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, Robust) accessibility principles , and show you how to apply these principles to e-learning content and systems.

The way you use apply these principles will depend on your role in creating the e-learning content:

  • If you are creating e-learning content yourself, try to apply as many principles as you are able
  • If you are using existing e-learning content, evaluate it based on the principles outlined in this section and make required modifications where possible
  • If you are commissioning e-learning content from a professional web developer, ensure you specify that the content needs to meet minimum VET accessibility requirements. A reputable web developer will be able to meet these requirements.